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Squirting… from a beginner’s point of view

I’m finally back! I know it’s been a really long time since I last posted, but as usual, life got in the way.

The post today will be all about squirting. I recently discovered, much to my initial distress, that I’m a squirter. Or, to be more precise, a combination of squirter and gusher.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, squirting is considered to be “female ejaculation.” Where the woman literally ejaculates liquid from her urethra.

From all my research, and observation of my own body, I can pretty confidently tell you that it’s caused by stimulation of the G-spot. The G-spot is (apparently) located right on top of the female version of a prostate gland, also known as the Skene’s gland.

What happens is that when you stimulate your G-spot it causes the tiny female prostate to swell and fill with fluid. Many women say that they often feel a need to pee when they near or reach orgasm. This is from the pressure of the fluid in the Skene’s gland. However, female ejaculation is NOT pee. Let me assure you, I was freaking out the first time it happened thinking that I had somehow peed myself when I orgasmed.

Happily, after some experimentation, I came to the definite conclusion that the fluid is in no way the same as urine. It doesn’t smell like pee, although it does have a distinctive musky odor. It’s clear, or slightly cloudy, has a watery consistency, and according to G, is more of less tasteless. Plus the feeling is quite different than the one you get from urinating.

If you type squirting or gushing into Youporn, or Pornotube, or whatever your personal site may be, you get videos of girls who shoot fluid distances of five feet and over. Personally that’s never happened to me, I tend to literally squirt only when I’m incredibly turned on. Most of the time I’m what’s referred to as a gusher, in that the fluid literally gushes or pours out instead of squirting.

Now that I’ve finally started to accept and get comfortable with this surprise my body decided to pull on me, I’m starting to notice more things about it.

For example, i’ve discovered that squirting and cumming are definitely not the same thing. I can literally squirt indefinitely, so long as there is stimulation, in bursts of about every 30 to 60 seconds. An actual orgasm, however, is much harder to achieve.

I’ve also noticed that if G is in a particularly evil mood, I can end up making one hell of a mess of the bed. You think you have “wet spot” problems? This takes it to a whole new level. I now keep two extra sets of sheets for emergencies, and we try to put a towel down as often as possible. And sometimes even that doesn’t keep the bed dry!

On the plus side, squirting feels amazing. Imagine the feeling you get just before you’re about to cum. That feeling that you’re about to die because it feels so good. Now imagine that lasting until your partner decides to stop. It’s insane. Plus, every once in a while, the stars will align and I’ll reach Nirvana. Aka, a blended orgasm. In other words, having a G-spot and clitoral orgasm AT THE SAME TIME. It’s fucking insane. I now know why sex is called “the little death.” I think I die of pleasure a little bit every time.

Luckily for me, G has been so good about this. He was so supportive and understanding the first time it happened and I was freaking out, and has been nothing but awesome about it. Not to mention he openly gloats about it when I’m lying in a semi-comatose state after he’s made me lose count of how many times I’ve squirted.

All in all, I’m finally coming (no pun intended ha ha) to grips with this whole squirting thing, and even starting to enjoy it.

If any one has any anecdotes of their own, or even suggestions or advice, i’d love to hear it!

Now look what you’ve done, you got it everywhere!

… That’s what she said!


One Response to “Squirting… from a beginner’s point of view”

  1. I love showing woman that they can squirt! I have only had a few that can’t! I’m very good with my fingers, some woman have said I have magic hands. I love to make a mess, it’s all in good fun!

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